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This has not been tested, however a Site License Edition should operate perfectly fine in these environments. Certainly it functions as normal under virtual environments such as VMWare, Hyper-V and VirtualBox.

Version 10 operates as a Windows executable statically linked to all 3rd party runtime libraries (including the MFC libraries). The only dynamically loaded libraries (DLLs) are those supplied with SHAZAM that can be found in the SHAZAM Program directory.

User settings are stored within the registry (HKCU) and Terminal Server (and Citrix) map registry settings ensuring shadow and newer settings are synced. Temp files are stored in the users TEMP location as specified with the users environment variables.

SHAZAM also supports a custom config file. Placing a config.sha file in the SHAZAM directory causes SHAZAM to read this first on load. This can be used to set a custom TEMP directory or cause SHAZAM to execute other SHAZAM commands.

Perhaps others have tried this.