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How do I enter mathematical equations here in LaTeX?

asked 2011-03-12 04:56:26 +0000

David gravatar image

updated 2011-03-12 08:48:34 +0000

Is it possible to enter equations in this community?

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answered 2011-03-12 05:43:56 +0000

updated 2011-03-12 05:44:38 +0000

Yes. $\LaTeX$ support is provided for Inline or Display mode LaTeX math. Please see the FAQ here:

Here are some interesting examples:

(1) Y=X\beta+\varepsilon


(2) f\colon X\to Y

$$f\colon X\to Y$$

(3) \matrix{a& b\cr c& d}

$$\begin{bmatrix}a& b\cr c& d\end{bmatrix}$$

(4) Y_t = \beta_0 + \beta_1 X_{1t} + \beta_2 X_{2t}
           + \beta_3 X_{3t} + ... + \beta_{K} X_{Kt}
           + \varepsilon_t \quad for \quad t=1,...,N

$$Y_t = \beta_0 + \beta_1 X_{1t} + \beta_2 X_{2t} + \beta_3 X_{3t} + ... + \beta_K X_{Kt} + \varepsilon_t \quad for \quad t=1,...,N$$

If you are new to LaTeX then a useful source for creating equations is the online equation editor here:

Note also that right clicking an equation gives the option to change display modes between MathML and LaTeX. This will also enable the export of MathML versions of LateX math.

MathML can be pasted in to recent versions of some MSOffice products (eg. Microsoft Word) and edited using the Microsoft Equation Editor.

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