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Large data capabilities of SHAZAM?

asked 2011-04-21 03:16:52 +0000

maxbaroni gravatar image

updated 2011-09-02 17:09:39 +0000

HI, I'm interested in pro edition of Shazam. There are a sort of limits for imput files? My input dataset is of 300.000 rows and 50 columns.

thanks in advance

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answered 2011-04-21 05:18:12 +0000

updated 2011-04-22 06:57:37 +0000

SHAZAM is more than capable of analysing a dataset of these dimensions.

For maximum performance SHAZAM stores all data and performs all calculations within a contiguous static memory array and efficiently manages this array. The maximum size of the static memory array can be changed using the PAR statement and the maximum PAR value depends on the operating system SHAZAM is running on.

The value of PAR ordinarily does not have to be adjusted, however you will need to change it for the amount of data you are using. If the PAR value is too small, SHAZAM will tell you what it needs to be depending on what sort of estimation is being performed. SHAZAM will first size up the scale of the estimation problem and tell the user what the value of PAR should be if the existing PAR setting is too small.

On Windows the maximum size of the static memory array that can be allocated is limited by the amount of virtual memory (RAM plus paging file) on the computer.

On a 32 bit Windows Operating System a software program can theoretically allocate a maximum of 2 Gigabytes to a single object (such as the SHAZAM static memory array) without the ‘large address space aware’ flag set in its executable image. However, our tests show that the maximum single memory array that a 32 bit Windows operating system will typically allow appears to be around 1.4 Gigabytes whether or not that flag is set.

On a 64 bit Windows Operating System the maximum allocatable memory array appears to be 8 Terabytes. However, only the 64bit version of the forthcoming SHAZAM version 11 is able to allocate that much memory. Currently SHAZAM version 11 is a free upgrade for new purchasers of SHAZAM version 10.

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