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Will Shazam 11 be released before universities start the new term?

asked 2011-07-28 06:17:59 +0000

Pantera gravatar image

updated 2011-07-28 09:23:31 +0000

Hi - I hope Shazam 11 is released before the universities start.

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answered 2011-07-28 08:05:36 +0000

updated 2011-07-28 08:42:14 +0000

We are working very hard to be ready by then. Anything in the pipeline that doesn't pass through testing in time will appear in release 11.1 and a road map will be published when version 11 is released.

In the meantime, in preparation for the release of version 11 a final major update for version 10 is due in the next couple of days. This update is Service Pack 2 and will update version 10 (SP1) to version 10.2 (SP2). It has been in the final round of testing for about a week and there are only one or two remaining problems to resolve.

This free update is a rollup of many of the fixes from version 11 as well as a number of new features. In particular it includes the new driver from version 11 which includes a superior threading model making it significantly more stable.

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SHAZAM 10.2 has now been released. See the updates page (

SHAZAMHelp gravatar imageSHAZAMHelp ( 2011-08-14 05:00:34 +0000 )edit
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