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Trouble importing MS Excel data files

SHAZAM folks,

I am having problems importing MS Excel data files into SHAZAM for data analysis. Under "SHAZAM Resources", in the "User Guide", and subsequent "Working with Data" section, I have been following the instructions in the "Connecting to Microsoft Excel and File Based Data Sources" section.

From there I make it through steps #1 and #2....

Step 1: Select 'Connect' under the Data Connector section of the 'Data' menu Step 2: When the Datalink appears, select 'Microsoft OLE Provider for ODBC Drivers" and click Next (see below)

However, in "Step #3: Select "Use Connection String' and press 'Build'", I run into problems. After selecting "Machine Data Source" and choosing "Excel Files" and pressing "OK", I have been receiving the following error message box:

"Microsoft Data Link Error."
"Operation cannot be executed because an error occurred during connection to the driver."

I think that for small files I can go around this data access problem and enter data directly into the "Data Editor". But it would be much handier to work up moderate to large size data files in MS Excel and then to be able to access them directly with SHAZAM. Can you give me some guidance on what to do to fix this?

Daniel O'Brien Extension Agricultural Economist Kansas State University 785-462-6281