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Tobit regression

I am running a tobit regression to examine the effect of firm attributes on access to bank finance. specifically, I want to find out the effect of variouus firm attributes on the level of credit that is offered by banks. The depdent variable is the actual credit offered by the bank as a percentage of the amount of credit requested by the firm - it takes the value of 0 to 1. The independent variables are firm attributes such as location, sector, gender, income, collateral, age, size, year of education, etc. I have tried several times to write the tobit command for this but it always pops up on the screen at some point that there is an error. As a first time user of Shazam I gues I am not doing something right. Unfortunately I have a very limited time to get this results into a report. Can someone please help me to write the tobit format using the dependent and independent variables stated above.